Criminal Defense

At the BR Law Group, attorney Doug Reynolds zealously defends individuals and juveniles accused of committing crimes, large and small, in the State and Federal Courts of the 4 Corners Area.  When you are accused of committing a crime, Mr. Reynolds understands the system, your rights and the impact that the accusation may have on you and your family.  He helps you understand the charges brought, the evidence marshalled or presented by the State, and all of your options moving forward.  He has successfully negotiated numerous plea agreements, and – where desirable – will steadfastly defend your case before judge or jury if the circumstances warrant.  Mr. Reynolds also assists with post-conviction matters such as probation, parole, driver’s license revocation or points and sealing criminal records.  His objective is to provide you with the tools to make informed decisions and to defend your position, in a most timely and cost effective manner.